Excavation & Demolition

If you are a general contractor who needs to prepare a site for new building, you need an excavation and demolition contractor who understands how all the pieces of a construction project fit together. Curran Contracting is an excavation and demolition contractor for a wide variety of projects including:

  • Commercial and industrial sites
  • Heavy highway excavation
  • Infrastructure for residential subdivisions
  • Land preparation and redevelopment for shopping centers

Excavation & Land Clearing Contractors

We do more than just clear land. Curran Contracting is one of the few excavation contractors who specializes in detailed excavation. We do structural excavation for building footings, continuous spread footings, column pads, elevator pits, and loading docks. We can also show you ways to save money by reducing the amount of materials that need to go to a landfill.

Demolition Contractors

The majority of Curran Contracting’s clients only need demolition for a handful of structures. However, demolition can get complicated and require the services of a demolition specialist. We know who to bring in and have relationships with a variety of specialized demolition contractors. Curran Contracting is also one of the few demolition contractors who readily does demolition for parking lots. We get into the details of removing asphalt pavement, concrete curbs, sprinkler systems and drainage ditches.

Why Hire Curran Contracting as Your Excavation & Demolition Contractor?

At Curran Contracting, we understand that excavation and demolition literally set the stage for your construction project. There are many benefits to hiring Curran Contracting over other excavation and demolition contractors.

We’ll Be Here to Do the Job

Founded in 1918, Curran Contracting has been in business for almost 100 years. Our parent company has a diverse portfolio of holdings which gives us a strong financial footing. We also own all our own GPS enabled state-of-the-art equipment. Regardless of what the short-term economy is doing, we’ll be here to get your excavation and demolition project completed.

We Practice Value Engineering

Curran Contracting is committed to the process of value engineering in all excavation and demolition projects. Because of our years of experience and ongoing training, our staff has developed a variety of methods to reduce excavation and demolition costs. By applying value engineering, we have been able to save some clients up to 50% on landfill costs.

You Save Time & Money

Many of our clients hire Curran Contracting as their excavation and demolition contractor and then wind up hiring us for site remediation, underground utility installation and asphalt paving. Hiring one contractor for all phases of your construction project saves time and money by reducing overhead with less project management time and paperwork. Hiring Curran Contracting for all phases of your construction project also saves time because there are no lags between finishing one stage of construction and beginning the next.

Curran Contracting provides excavation and demolition services in the Chicagoland area as well as Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Texas. Call our main office at (815) 455-5100 to learn more about how we can help you.