Rakow Road Reconstruction – Crystal Lake, IL


We reconstructed three miles of a two-lane road into a 5-7 lane highway. The job included pavement removal, earth

excavation, PCC concrete base installation, asphalt resurfacing and installation of retaining walls and underground utilities.

Artis Senior Living –

Bartlett, IL


Curran was awarded the earthwork contract for the Artis Senior Living of Bartlett by Carlson Construction.  The project is located off of IL Rt 59 just south of Sterns Rd. Our project included topsoil excavation and respread, mass site excavation with a detention pond , and structural excavation and backfill for the building.

Mercy Hospital – Rockford, IL


In the fall of 2016 we were awarded the structural excavation contract by Mortenson General Contractors for the Mercy Hospital Project in Rockford IL. The original contract work lasted through the winter with additional site work added to our contract for providing temporary access, staging areas and design changes. In April of 2017 we were awarded the site contract for site grading, stone base, and asphalt paving of the parking lots and roadways. The 2017 work included 73,000 SY of Asphalt Paving, 60,000 Tons of Stone base, and 150,000 CY of Excavation.

9300 King –

Franklin Park, IL


Curran transformed a community eyesore. 9300 King is a 100,000 SF industrial building replacing an old vacant building in Franklin Park, IL. The community is grateful that the old vacant building is now gone and a bright new building will take its place. The site is being remediated since there is soil that would have to go to a special land fill.  The plans are for engineered barriers (concrete, asphalt, and clean dirt fill) to be used to contain contaminated soils within the site. Curran Contracting performed the site grading, footing undercuts and back fill, placement of bad soils in the containment area, and stone for the pad. The site will also be using the crushed concrete from the old building in an effort to promote recycling.  Pepper was the General Contractor and Clarius Partners was the owner.

Luckey Ranch –

San Antonio, TX


Luckey Ranch is a subdivision in which we excavated and graded roadways and house plots. The project consisted of excavating approximately 700,000 CY of dirt from Site A and relocating it to Site B for the next step of the Project. With the dirt relocated to Site B, we began to cut and grade the future roadway for the neighborhood, as well as grading the house plots for future development. Because of our planning, we were able to complete the work in 90 days.

Stepan Chemical

South Rail Spur –

Elwood, IL


Curran was awarded the earthwork and landscaping contract by Harbour Contractors for the Stepan Chemical South Rail Spur project located in Elwood Illinois.

The work consisted of topsoil excavation and respread, storm sewer work, 25,000 CY mass site excavation, placement of CA6 as sub-ballast for the storage tracks, rock excavation, erosion control, and landscaping.

The project required specialty training and extensive coordination with the live railroad tracks.  Curran provided value engineering to the GC and owners, and was able to meet the challenges while staying within budget, along with meeting the owners schedule.

Algonquin Commons


Curran was awarded the parking lot pavement rehabilitation contract for the Algonquin Commons project located off of South Randall Rd & Commons Dr. The work was performed in multiple phases and coordinated closely with the adjacent businesses in order to minimize conflict and impact to the customers.


Our work consisted of removing the existing asphalt pavement, removal and stockpile of the existing gravel base, coordinate with the GC on soil stabilization, re-installation of the existing gravel base, asphalt binder and surface installation, along with striping and signage.

Weber Grill –

Huntley, IL


Weber Grill Distribution Facility was a project in Huntley, IL which consisted of about 20,000 tons of aggregate base and about 25,000 tons of asphalt for a new 1,000,000 SF building.  Curran Contracting worked aggressively with the General Contractor, Keeley Construction, in order to maintain the proposed schedule and meet the requirements of the owner before winter conditions became an issue.

Toastmaster Demolition –

Algonquin, IL


We coordinated demolition of the former Toastmaster site

and removal of the foundations and contaminated soil.

The project required soil remediation that was transferred

to an approved landfill.

Navy Military Housing

Midwest Privatization

Project – Glenview, IL


This project includes the revitalization of military

neighborhoods at Great Lakes, Fort Sheridan and

Glenview Naval Bases. The process involved the

demolition of existing neighborhoods, including all

roadways and utilities, asbestos abatement,

contaminated soil removal and recycling of all

concrete for the new reconstruction of

resident-style homes. The work included building

demolition, site clearing and demolition, mass

excavation, utility infrastructure removals, new

utilities and subdivision roadway construction.

Chicago Executive

Airport – Wheeling, IL


This project included the demolition of four 1940’s

hangar building at the Chicago Executive Airport in

order to construct new concrete taxiways.

Long Grove

Shopping Center –

Long Grove, IL


We transformed the existing Long Grove Archer Parking

Lot into a drive-thru street and reconfigured the parking

facility by surrounding it with beautiful new landscaping.

This involved specialty work including the installation of

bioswales in the islands, vehicular and pedestrian brick

pavers, granite banding along the walkways, decorative

lighting, native plantings and more.

Wind Farm – DeKalb, IL


This was the site of a massive wind energy project.

In DeKalb County, 119 wind turbines were built.

When the turbines were completed, we were

hired to repair, overlay and strengthen the rural

low-volume roads used during the project. We

placed 20 miles of asphalt pavement (42,000 tons)

so the existing roadways were to equal or better

condition than when the project started.

Hawley Road


Countryside Golf Course –

Mundelein, IL


We were contracted to reconstruct and widen the existing

Hawley Road for a Del Webb community. We installed box

culverts to create an underground tunnel to allow golf carts

safe passage under the road at the Countryside Golf Club.

We removed the roadway, excavated 20 feet below grade,

installed the box culverts and storm sewer, placed the

backfill and stone sub-base and paved the roadway.

Atkinson Road –

Grayslake, IL


This project consisted of reconstructing the existing

road, which was located in a very saturated wetland

and had shown signs of settling and deterioration.

 We replaced the base of the existing roadway with

Styrofoam blocks (expanded polystyrene fill) that

allowed the roadway to “float” over the marshland

and act as a bridge between the unsuitable soils.

We then backfilled and repaved the roadway with

asphalt pavement.

Illinois Tollway


We reconstructed eight miles of the existing 4-lane rural

Interstate I-90 expressway and transformed it into a

6-lane modern interstate highway with a permanent

concrete median barrier wall and roadway lighting. This

project was completed within two construction seasons

and included completely removing the existing pavement

and road shoulders, earth excavation and grading, plus

the construction of three new lanes of concrete pavement

in each direction on a 3 in. warm mix asphalt sub-base.

The new concrete pavement was built as a two-lift

concrete pavement, using salvaged asphalt pavement

in the bottom layer of the concrete pavement. All of the

existing asphalt and concrete pavement was salvaged

and used for the new 6-lane interstate highway.


The Illinois Tollway awarded Curran Contracting “Roadway Contractor of the Year” for this project.

Kitty Hawk Road –  Universal City, TX


We reconstructed and rehabilitated a main city

thoroughfare. The project included excavation,

stabilization, utilities and asphalt paving.

We were able to complete the entrances for

a highly congested shopping center with limited

access and no disruptions.

FM 532 – Gonzales, TX


For this unique project we rehabilitated an old rural farm

road into a heavily traveled truck route.  This included

13 miles of pulverization, stabilization, installation of

a flex-base and asphalt paving. We performed our

construction operations under high traffic volumes

without closures or disruptions to the traveling public.

Borgfeld Drive –

San Antonio, TX


We reconstructed a county highway and installed

box culverts, installed MSE walls, provided excavation

services and asphalt paving. We provided alternate scheduling and staging options to the owner to

reduce the overall job schedule. We were able to

maintain the flow of high traffic volume and facilitate

timely completion. Additionally, we provided safe

travel for the general public and a safe work

environment for the area workforce.